For 3 years I visited my GP and a dermatologist to determine why my hair was falling out. I then went to see Belinda who immediately worked out what was wrong. She treated the problem with a plan tailored to suit my lifestyle and daily activities and now my hair looks great. Thank you so much Belinda!


Belinda is a very professional and knowledgeable practitioner. Her enthusiasm is infectious! I have not been seeing her for a very long time but each time I see her I learn more.

Alena Turley

Belinda has really changed my life for the better!. After years of struggling with insomnia and having finally reached rock bottom after giving birth last year I got a recommendation to see Belinda. Her advise and remedies are slowly but surely giving me my life back and also giving me the tools I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both myself and my family.She has a wealth of knowledge and a down to earth personality which makes her advise very easy to follow.

Andrea Sheridan

Belinda is a breath of fresh air. She’s an incredibly knowledgeable naturopath who is down to earth, caring and thorough in her approach. She’s provided me with invaluable wellness support through my pregnancy and I am positive she will continue to be a great support to my whole family. Thank you Belinda.

Jennifer Sjolund

As soon as I found out my son was diagnosed with Perthe’s (a disease of the hip joint that causes inflammation and bone deterioration) I was on the phone to Belinda. She immediately knew what supplements and diet my son needed to make a speedy recovery. She also gave me sugar free recipes she knew a six year old boy would think were yummy! His inflammation went away very quickly and new bone growth started straight away. The doctors say he is a fast healer – and that is thanks to Belinda’s expert knowledge and advice. She is always there when I need her, and helps in such a professional and caring way. Thanks Belinda for everything!


Thank You to Belinda Kirkpatrick for a positive, professional and caring experience at Darling St. Health in Sydney. Our journey with Belinda yielded us the best possible results and we could not be more satisfied and pleased with the wonderful gift of our pregnancy. Belinda gave us hope while other practitioners determined us to be ‘quite’ or ‘extremely unlikely’ to conceive. We had begun to speak to IVF experts and again our preliminary results were so low that we feared that even IVF was a slim chance at best. I’m 43 next month and have an AMH <1. With the invaluable help from Belinda we are now 14 weeks pregnant and have astounded many or all of the medical experts. At our latest ultrasound the risk factors was reduced by 20X which is the maximum the computer would allow, the results are very good and in simple terms our baby is as healthy as it could possibly be and that of a healthy 25 Year old. Belinda you believed in us, you were positive and you were inspirational. We can only say that without you we feel the medical experts may have been proved right – with you we have a healthy pregnancy and are very happy. Thank you again, we are very grateful for your passion, commitment and care. Nothing was too much trouble. PS – The picture is from Bali 2014 – where we conceived.

Andrew & Jules

I began seeing Belinda in 2013 for preconception planning. Although we didn’t anticipate any problems, it was important to me to be in optimal health before trying to conceive. Even though i ate reasonably well and was active, I felt tired a lot of the time and suffered from body aches and pains. I had raised the issue with doctors in the past and was not offered any answers, tests of treatments. Belinda ordered a series of blood tests to be carried out immediately and we discovered my thyroid was not functioning as well as it should. My GP offered to put me on thyroid medication twice daily which i politely declined. After several months following Belinda’s meal suggestions, supplements and herbal tonics my thyroid was back to normal and i felt great. I had much more energy and a lot of my aches and pains and other complaints had disappeared. Most importantly though, we conceived not long after. I had regular consults with Belinda pre and post natally. My pregnancy was text book and our healthy little boy was born into the world with the best possible start. The level of care i received from Belinda was amazing all round. Belinda has always been professional and supportive and it’s obvious that she’s very passionate about women’s health . It makes it difficult to go back to a GP! I’ve since recommended Belinda to a few of my friends, all whom have had wonderful outcomes.


Belinda is my life line when my hormones hit rock bottom! She just gets it. Within 24 hours of seeing her things improve, and after a monthly cycle they’re amazing again. My life is so much more fun when hormones are in check & without Belinda’s help I don’t know how I’d get myself to that point! She also helps my two little boys with all any little niggles they have- itchy skin, dairy sensitivity, fussy eating etc- so that’s a double lifeline! Thanks Belinda for all your help I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Lisa Rudham

After 3 months of unbearable pain around certain days in my cycle along with chronic constipation and a mix of what felt like depression and anxiety I made a visit back to the AMAZING Belinda Kirkpatrick. I had months of stress with death in the family and running my business in the Hair salon and my body just was not coping. Belinda put together a protocol to help eliminate the toxins I am exposed to daily and other supplements to help balance my hormones. Within 2 weeks I lost 2kgs without even trying, felt less inflamed and my Bowles seemed to be working like clock work again. I can’t put this any other way but I could cry with happiness because I just feel soooooooo much better! I have had no more pain, I’m sleeping better and I’m feeling so much happier! Thank you so much Belinda you are truly amazing!!!!!!!

Emily Green

Belinda’s website and accompanying social media sites are an invaluable source of information on nutrition, health and well-being. She regularly updates them with information, inspirational advice and practical tips for food, meals and other health concerns. Love it.


Who know’s where I’d be if I didn’t have Belinda!! Her amazing expertise in pre-conception care/nutrition and miscarriage prevention over the past 4 years has been truly incredible. I’m not sure I’d have my beautiful nearly 3 year old boy if it wasn’t for her help! I highly recommend Belinda for women’s health and fertility!

Lucy Jenkins

Belinda prepared me for an open heart operation to repair or replace my mitral valve which was badly leaking. For 2 months I followed her recommended regime, plus walked regularly to increase my aerobic fitness which was zero. I was scheduled to be operated on 14th February, and just before the surgeon began the surgery a probe checked my valve again. To the amazement of the team, my mitral valve had corrected and was not leaking sufficiently to warrant the operation, which was therefore cancelled. This was an extraordinary result, and only seen once in 19 years by the surgical team. I am now continuing with a new regime being prepared by Belinda, and hope that I will never need open heart surgery. Thanks Belinda for your very professional, and expert advice.

Albert Ades, South Australia

I made my appointment for whooping cough and lack of energy. I was given herbs and other tablets that helped provide relief from my cough and provide energy. The cough has been completely absent for weeks and I feel so much healthier. This was a great experience and found Belinda very helpful, with great advice.


My daughter had shown signs of eczema from 2 months old, and having personally suffered asthma and eczema as a child, I did not want my daughter to have the same. Belinda cleared up my daughter’s eczema and later showed us how to introduce solids in a way to decrease her chance of developing allergic conditions. She is now one year old and a very happy healthy child.


I had difficulty conceiving and received treatment using herbs and supplements. I conceived within six months of seeing Belinda, after having tried for over 12 months to fall pregnant. Belinda was a wonderful support and full of knowledge and experience. I felt very comfortable and safe dealing with Belinda during such an emotional time


I had felt unwell for years. I was overweight, lethargic and last year was diagnosed with diabetes. Without having to resort to proprietary drugs, Belinda steered me on a path of weight loss and prescribed various herbal and dietary supplements to address the problems I had. Now 15 kg lighter and feeling better than I’ve felt for years, I thank Belinda for her professional advice, genuine care and concern.


My 2 year old son was a fussy eater, suffered constipation and chest infections. He was given a variety of vitamin supplements, herbs and a list of foods to support his bowel problem and increase vitamin intake. When taking the vitamins, he did not have any flu symptoms all winter, improved his bowels and his eating habits started to change because he was feeling better with his constipation and chest infections. Belinda explained everything clearly and took time to email me suggested meals and information. Being a mother herself, Belinda suggested ways to disguise the herbs and vitamins which worked! Overall, Belinda took the time to listen and set out a plan to help Ethan achieve better overall health…. Thanks Belinda!


I made an appointment with Belinda for fertility issues, I had read that another person with endo had used Belinda alongside her IVF treatment to compliment the IVF. The hardest thing was taking some of the supplements like fish oil in an oil form, but I believe it was a big part of my successful pregnancy after 3 years of failed attempts to conceive naturally and with IVF. I was amazed that after 3 years of trying to conceive naturally and with IVF, whilst I was under Belinda’s care I fell pregnant naturally. I had completely lost hope but after my regular appointments with Belinda I felt energized about the plan she had me on. Also her knowledge of doctors and treatments and steering me in the right direction during the process was so supportive, her knowledge is little a little black book of contacts in the world of fertility medicine.


I was referred to Belinda and wanted help with my child who we suspect has ADHD.It was great seeing my child improve in her focus and improving on her ability to calm herself. The hardest part was changing her diet to reduce salicilates, sometimes this is still hard but I can see the difference in my child when we reduce the salicilate in-take. Belinda is very positive and helpful and I am very grateful and hopeful to the future.

Jacqueline Abboud

Belinda is a wonderful and experienced Naturopath, but more than that she genuinely cares for and understands her patients. Every appointment with Belinda has always been encouraging and I have come out feeling empowered and more knowledgeable than the last time. During a difficult time in our lives whilst trying to fall pregnant, Belinda has always been there to provide advice, support, encouragement and even a shoulder to cry on when times have been tough. Without Belinda’s help and expertise we would not have been blessed with our beautiful baby daughter and for that we are so grateful. Belinda always provided us with the necessary tools to make positive lifestyle changes, whilst ensuring that these changes can be easily integrated and managed into our current lifestyle. I would have no hesitation recommending Belinda to anyone, she is a true professional and we are so grateful for everything she has done for our family.


I can honestly say that without Belinda’s guidance and support on our journey to have a baby, we would not have our little one with us today.  Belinda’s knowledge and expertise is incredible, and in many areas and specifically in regards to my progesterone deficiency, Belinda was more knowledgeable than my fertility specialist, and she also took the time to clearly explain concepts and treatment options. I am confident it was because of her treatment recommendations that we were able to fall pregnant.

Her holistic approach to optimising health and fertility is amazing – addressing nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation and managing stress, and all adapted to fit within your own lifestyle, so that I felt goals were always achievable. Complementary / alternative as well as conventional approaches are all discussed and explored, depending on your preferences. Her positive and supportive approach meant that I am always looking forward to appointments with her.

When I fell pregnant after 18 months, and after seeing Belinda for 5-6 months, I felt that because of Belinda’s advice and recommendations I was physically and mentally in the best shape of my life. I have no doubt I would not have achieved a natural pregnancy without her guidance. Her support has continued throughout pregnancy and into the postnatal period, with advice on managing morning sickness, options for exercise during pregnancy, and now ongoing nutrition advice for myself and Bub while breastfeeding.

I have just purchased her book ‘Healthy Hormones’ which is a fantastic and succinct guide to help you understand optimising health and hormones on the fertility journey and I would highly recommend this too!

We cannot thank you enough Belinda for helping us to become parents.


My experience with Belinda has been fantastic! From her friendly and caring nature, to her holistic approach to wellness that always gets results. She has advised me well on everything from conception, different pregnancies issues, breastfeeding, infant care and my own wellbeing as a mother of 4 growing children. Belinda draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience, she truly cares for her patients and strives to help them achieve their optimal health. It is always a pleasure to see her.

Saccha Dale

Highly recommended, especially for mothers & babies. Belinda has a very practical approach to all aspects of health and wellness, giving lots of advice on nutrition/diet/medical issues and can give great referrals for other services (e.g. fitness, ante-natal classes etc). I always leave my appointments feeling inspired and confident about my family’s health.

Tamera Lang

Belinda has been wonderfully helpful and supportive. She has a wealth of knowledge and consultations with her are always inspiring. I also love the nutrient dense recipe ideas she gives me, not just for myself, but also for my baby and toddler. I highly recommend her services.

Sarah Broughton Stalbow

Belinda is an absolute breath of fresh air! I have finally found a health professional who can turn complicated scientific jargon into something I can relate to. Plus, the amount of health myths I’ve had busted is astounding. I suffer from an autoimmune disease, but have never felt better, thanks to Belinda. And I’ve never had a better understanding of how my body works. I would happily recommend her to anyone – whether or not they have an ongoing health problem!

Vanessa Debreczeni

Belinda is highly recommended not just by myself but my whole family. All women with a myriad of reproductive issues Belinda has us covered, not too mention the kids and supporting their growth and development. Her approach is very realistic and professional, with an extensive scientific and clinical practice basis. Her knowledge is second to none. Love her. Would not be here without her.

Carmen Cooper

I highly recommend Belinda!!! Her personal touch coupled with a personalized strong care factor really achieves results. I loved that she developed a focused plan, considering our personal circumstances, and then gave us the detailed analysis that you miss from doctors at times. Go in for a consult and you will see for yourself how great she is and the knowledge you gain for life!

Simren Uppal

Belinda has been helping me through a difficult time in my life due to various health concerns including endo. I feel that each time I visit Belinda she is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable about the human body and what best makes it work, but she is also very compassionate, understanding and warm. I feel like it’s not just a naturopath visit but a mini therapy session at the same time! I am feeling great just after 2 months! Your work, your welcoming nature and your expert advise has been exceptional!!! I will always highly recommend you! Thank you so much for support.

Carmen Martin

Belinda has been the good angel on my shoulder for close to two years.
She helped with finding the balance my body needed.
I’ve never felt better and more energetic during pregnancy and after.
Now she’s got wonderful advice for healthy eating while breastfeeding and how to introduce solids for my 6 month old.
Highly recommend those concerned with women’s health to see Belinda

Gemma Moriarty

After having 3 miscarriages while seeing a fertility specialist i heard those reasuring words from my gyno ” when its going to happen its going to happen”. I started reaseaching and realised that where specialist dont suceed naturopaths have a higher success rate. So i searched the best in sydney and belinda Kirkpatrick came up. I saw her about 3 years ago and everything changed after our first visit. Belinda educated me and my husband about the right food – lsa’s; hommus, cut veggies, baby spinch under each curry and to incorporate more veggies and meal plans and recipes. I must have been following belinda for about 2 months when i fell pregnant. Belinda was there for me making sure my foods, tablets and bloods were all perfect. Where she felt i was lacking she would be on top of it. Surprisingly pregnancy went well there was times where the drs were telling me not to keep high hopes. But belinda was just making sure everything was going smoothly from pregnancy to delivery her plans werre thorough. I gave birth to a healthy boy mid of 2016. After giving birth belinda has helped keep my family and my little boy on a good healthy life style.
I could never thank belinda for all she did she has changed my life significantly. Indeed she was an angel for me sent from above. Her knowledge and understanding of different cultures makes her plans so easy to follow. If belinda could reform and help me she can do anyone.

Aisha Mirza

Highly recommended. I started seeing Belinda in the first few weeks of my first pregnancy. She quickly identified and resolved a nutritional deficiency i didn’t even know i had, i thought i was just tired because i was pregnant, and helped manage pregnancy related issues such as muscle cramps and lethargy. She offered great nutritional advice to help keep myself and my baby healthy during pregnancy and after birth. Belinda is professional, knowledgeable and caring practitioner.

Sally Middleton-Graham