Preconception Care in Sydney

The preconception period is recognised as being very important to the health of a future baby.

Sperm formation can take up to 116 days, and ova are susceptible to damage for about 100 days before ovulation. It is recommended that both partners undertake a preconception program for a minimum period of four months immediately preceding any attempt to conceive.

Preconception health care can improve fertility in both men & women and help to increase the likelihood of: a normal, healthy full-term pregnancy (chances of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth is minimised); a natural un-medicated birth; successful breastfeeding; and, a happy, healthy baby as well as minimising the incidence of birth defects and postnatal depression.


  • monitoring basal body temperature and cervical mucus to pinpoint ovulation
  • blood tests, semen analysis and other medical pathology tests which are used to personalise individual treatment programs
  • screening for essential trace elements (eg. zinc & iron) and for toxic metals (eg lead & mercury)
  • avoiding everyday environmental hazards
  • avoiding common social poisons (eg. cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine)
  • exercising regularly, reducing stress, thinking positively
  • treating reproductive and fertility problems in both prospective parents detoxifying
  • treating food and chemical allergies
  • treating infection, especially urino-gential problems