A practical guide to balancing your hormones by Belinda Kirkpatrick and Ainsley Johnstone
“Discover how to feel your best and balance your hormones, naturally”

Healthy Hormones is about making small and realistic changes to help your body function at its optimum level. Naturopath Belinda Kirkpatrick helps you to understand your hormones and provides easy ways to manage symptoms, hormonal conditions and fertility through diet and lifestyle. It is the perfect practical resource to help you started on your path toward feeling your very best.

Expert nutritional advice and lifestyle tips are combined with answers to the many questions that women have asked Belinda during a decade of clinical practice. These include alleviating premenstrual syndrome (PMS), period pain and reducing breakout acne, as well as tips for fertility and conception, and timely advice on common conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Healthy Hormones features 50 deliciously healthy family recipes, specially created, styled and photographer by Ainsley Johnstone. The dishes are tailored around hormone-balancing ingredients and nutrient-dense fertility food.

Belinda Kirkpatrick is an expert naturopath and nutritionist who specialises in women’s health. Ainsley Johnstone is a recipe creator, food stylist and photographer.

"I love how it’s information that’s been baffling in the
past explained simply and clearly"
- reader
“As a woman and a medical doctor, I recommend all women read this delicious book to help them make practical and daily choices. I especially love the explanations given about which foods to eat (or avoid) depending on a woman's menstrual cycle or gynaecological issues. It's a book that nicely balances scientific explanations with nourishing food truths.”
– Dr Natasha Andreadis - Fertility and Hormone Specialist / Gynaecologist