Belinda's App

After continually recommending the use of period trackers to all her female clients, in 2016 Belinda launched her first iPhone App called Seed.

The Seed period and fertility tracker is very different to the others on the market. When you enter symptoms, Seed uses your data to generate personalised health tips that you can easily implement at home. Simply by taking the Reproductive Health Quiz, you can generate an entire list of foods, exercise and lifestyle tips to help balance your hormones and improve your happiness! You can then use the delicious recipes, healthy meal suggestions and expanded lifestyle tips to help you put these recommendations into practice.

Having this information on hand means that women can create positive and long lasting change as the recommendations in the Seed App change to suit them at different times of their lives.

For those trying to conceive or struggling to conceive, Seed has a special section just for you! It lists ‘Tests to Consider’ for different stages of trying in addition to tips to help conception and the super important food and dietary advice for those suffering from specific hormonal conditions (including IVF support, recurrent miscarriage, endometriosis, PCOS and many more).

Seed encourages women to understand their health and with the Seed app, they can have all the information they need for better periods, preconception and optimal health at their fingertips.

Download the Seed App from the App Store today!