Puberty Workshops

Mission Statement

  • To provide young girls with accurate and empowering puberty-based education delivered in a sensitive and non-threatening way
  • To inspire young girls to understand and appreciate female diversity, her body and her health.

About ‘Being A Girl’

Being A Girl, was established by Belinda Kirkpatrick in response talking to teachers who said they would love outside help with ‘sex education’ classes and give opportunity for girls to ask an outside expert their confidential questions.

This idea is supported the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) survey of 1200 young people (, which found young people preferred sexual health educators from outside the school.

Tune in, chill out, speak up, calm down

Puberty is a time that girls approach with both excitement and apprehension. We believe It is important girls are provided with lots of accurate information so they come to realise their experiences are ‘normal’ even if they differ from those of their close friends. 

Our Workshops

We offer engaging, interactive, in-school, puberty workshops for girls in years 5 and 6 which enable girls to look forward to their changes rather than being anxious about them.

Our Workshops:

  • Are held in the school classroom where girls are comfortable
  • Are the perfect complement to curriculum based sex education
  • Provide lots of opportunities to ask questions
  • Incorporate information about self-care, body image and healthy eating
  • Use a variety of delivery methods – interactive PowerPoint presentations, class discussions; group work, confidential Q&A and quizzes with prizes