Nourished Life is one of my favourite sites thanks to their HUGE range of truly natural body products. From organic makeup to fake tan, sunscreens, hair products, water filters… I even bought the kids some toxin-free kids’ nail polish (and got rid of all the cheap toxic stuff they had been using for years!). Everything on the site is guaranteed to be toxin-free and meticulously researched, tried and tested by the team from Nourished Life, which is why it’s my go-to for anything and everything natural.

Check out the Nourished Life website.


Lük Beautifood is a gorgeous ‘beauty kitchen’ where natural, toxin-free makeup is made from food! One of my favourite products is the Chai Shimmer Lip Nourish, which is made from avocado oil and spices and, once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to synthetic, sticky lip glosses again!

Lük also has a fabulous blog called The Beauty Kitchen where founder Cindy Lüken shares inspiration and information on her products, how-to guides and more. If you want more behind-the-brand info, I recently caught up with Cindy and asked her why Lük is so amazing!

Visit the Lük Beautifood website.

* Some of the items featured are affiliate linked. Feel free to find them through google instead if you have any issues with that. I only put what I use myself, love and genuinely recommend x

Wanderess Beauty Boxes

Wanderess Beauty is a subscription box service to help more women to make the switch to green beauty.

Their monthly boxes take you on a journey of product and ingredient awareness, and self-care to help you make the switch over to low-tox and healthy beauty products. Luxury and beauty with no negative impact on your health or the planet.

You can be sure that everything is guaranteed toxin-free and meticulously researched, tried and tested by the Wanderess Beauty team.

You can find them at

Bare Blends

Protein is an essential dietary component and it’s important to have some with every meal and most snacks for energy, mood and hormonal health. If you are exercising, it’s important to consume protein within 30-60 minutes post-exercise.

Many people ask me which protein powder I recommend and the answer is always Bare Blends. As a company, they are ethical, organic and environmentally conscious and their whey protein powders are tasty (not powdery!) and only contain only a handful of – all natural – ingredients. I have never found them to cause bloating or any digestive upset and their blends are well tolerated by all my clients. My favourite is the Vanilla Whey Protein powder.

Bare Blends also offers an awesome range of good quality super food powders including cacao, matcha green tea, chia seed and a delicious berry blend.