Immune Care

Every winter, Belinda sees many people who have caught one cold or flu after another, or who have felt as though they have never fully recovered from one episode before getting another. Nutritional and herbal medicines are very effective in supporting healthy immune function, reducing the frequency, duration and severity of respiratory tract infections; and providing relief from sore throats, blocked noses, tiredness and headaches. 

Natural medicines can also provide a supportive program to people who have not yet been sick but wish to take a preventative approach to their immune health. 

Recently, Belinda has noticed that many people have experienced elevated numbers of ‘neutrophils’ and ‘white blood cell cohesion’ on their Hemaview reports. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell and are known as the ‘garbage collectors’ of the immune system. They patrol our bodies and remove toxic or infective material from the blood. Increased numbers of neutrophils may indicate an acute stage of infection or inflammation. White blood cell cohesion is the result of several neutrophils are stuck together and it is primarily due to prolonged exposure to single or multiple viruses or infections. In this state, the neutrophils are non-viable and do not defend the body adequately against infection. 

Hemaview also examines the numbers and ratios of the different types of white blood cells or immune cells to assess current immune status and function. Using this information, Belinda is able to tailor a treatment approach to suit each individual’s immune requirements. 

Hemaview is an in-clinic blood screening tool which uses one drop of blood to instantly examine and assess health parameters such as immune health, inflammation, oxidative stress, dehydration, liver and digestive health, iron/B12 and folate status and more.

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