Beauty Products that Negatively Affect Your Skin & Hormones

On your health journey, you have no doubt got good at checking ingredients of the food items you purchase and looking for real certification labels. Well, have you checked the ingredients in your lipstick, moisturiser or shampoo lately?

There are currently over 80,000 synthetic chemicals in the world around us, and every year we add another 1000 more. We are exposed to these synthetic chemicals every single day, in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, AND in the beauty products we use on our bodies.

An average woman uses around 12 beauty products a day with more than 168 different chemicals in them. These products are going directly onto the skin, EVERY DAY, and can be absorbed into the bloodstream. How many do you use?

Common ingredients found in our beauty products these days are parabens, phthalates, triclosan and oxybenzone. Research is showing us that these chemicals are hormone disruptors, throwing our bodies out of balance, and some may be carcinogenic. You will also find numerous petroleum derived ingredients in beauty products. This is of no benefit to your skin, and is hurting our planet in its extraction and manufacture.

It is time to detox beauty.

“Green” beauty is about going natural with your beauty routines. Eliminating your exposure to the toxic ingredients found in all mainstream and high-end beauty products, and finding the non-toxic alternatives.

But, beware of GREENWASHING.

This is when a product and brand appear to be “green”, but on closer inspection of their ingredients, business practices and overall values, they are far from it. This is done using green and botanical imagery, by using the words “natural” and “organic” without any certification, by saying they are “SLS free, paraben free, sulphate free” but still contain harmful, toxic and cheap synthetic ingredients.

The world of “green beauty” is exciting and fun. They are just as high-performing as the high profile luxury brands, but without the toxic ingredients and dodgy values.

Wanderess Beauty is a subscription box service that I created to help more women to make the switch to green beauty.

Our monthly boxes take you on a journey of product and ingredient awareness, and self-care to help you make the switch over to low-tox and healthy beauty products. Luxury and beauty with no negative impact on your health or the planet.

It is our mission to do all of the hard work for you when sourcing the very best natural skin care, cosmetics and grooming products. You can be sure that everything is guaranteed toxin-free and meticulously researched, tried and tested by the Wanderess Beauty team.

You can find us at

And send me any of your green beauty questions!

About the author

Jessica is the founder of Wanderess Beauty (,, @wanderessbeauty); a wellspring of green beauty, a movement, a lifestyle, and a new way of thinking about self-care. She enables women to discover, experience, and celebrate wild beauty in themselves, in our world, in green beauty brands and products, and in the beautiful life we all share.

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